i was thinking..why am i so afraid of love?..

there must be a reason..or two..

maybe because i know what kind of man i would like to have by my side..i have been “not-single-at-all” since i was 15 y.o. ..O_O..BAAAAAAD!!..

it’s not an A.A.A. ..just what i would like to live..everyone thinks about these things at least one time..

i would like someone sweet..but i don’t want my e-mail or mobile phone full of his messages..i would like someone interesting and not-that-handsome (it’s not the most important thing, but let’s say that it’s the one that makes you want to try..at least)..sincere..dark hair (i don’t like so much blonde guys -.-)..music lover..scarves and hats lover..that would teach me something..that would listen when i talk..that would think i’m the perfect thing to think about..that would like to wake up with me in the morning and really want to kiss me (even if in we know that at morning..)..that wold take my hand walking..i would like a tall guy..that makes me feel protected when he hugs me..someone that would not be afraid going shopping with me..that would tell me something unexpected..that would be nice..that would miss me..that would lie in bed with me, reading..that would make me laught, it seems a common place, but i need someone happy and outgoing next to me..that appreciate what i do for him, every stupid thing too..that would do the same for me, whenever he feels he wants to..someone that would like to love..and be loved in return..because everything he would do for me..i would give my all to do it for him..

do you?..

yes, i do..

i tested..i tasted..i choose..but i changed my mind..

love is all about feelings (it could be the one-and-only word to describe love, ‘cause it means everything, you can immagine everything around it, it’s all and nothing, you decide)..smiles..somethingsugarandsweetflavouredsomethingsugarandsweet..it’s all about trust..hate..kisses on the neck..hugs..make love..give love..and broken hearts..til now..

this is a John Cusack Trivia:

“Nope, no sex scandals yet. But I am open to offers!”

that’s what i think i need..if someone could tell him i’m here i would appreciate sooo much..

i’m not that kind..but..everything could happend..and all depends..

if i am ready to love?..no..but the feelings love gives are some of the best..just because there are “kisses”..and i consider them one of the most wonderful things on earth..

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