i notice every simple and little thing that happens..
a lot of them make me smile..

a little girl that ask her mother about the meaning of a word..and she actually doesn’t know how to explain it to her..
a butterfly that seems that wants to walk with you for a while..
a cloud that (your immagination) makes look like something else..
my little cousin that i took to a music shop and that reading the byography of Bryan Adams she read “Ban Adas”..
some friends that dedicate to you a song at your birthday party..
a gift from a friend..a gift that you would never thought he would give to you..
your mp3player..in the morning..before having a lesson at the university..that plays the right song..
your love that respects you..
your best (damn) dream that seems that step by step would like to come true..
your friend’s eyes that meet yours..
a hug that you didn’t expect..
a kiss that you didn’t expect..
a call..
everything that you didn’t expect..
a mysterious guitarist with ray ban on..
your 2 colors car (long story)..
your new microphone..
someone that says to you :”you’re special”..
the sky..and you hope that another person would be looking at it at the same time..
your favorite song..that it’s better than a medication..
something new about a song that you’ve never noticed before..
a new characteristic of a person that you’ve never noticed before..and you like it!..
a best friend behave..when you’re friend of someone you don’t do anything you want anytime you want..
your satisfaction when you figure out what a person (really) means to you..and what you mean to him or her..
when you’re in you car..your radio turned up..and you sing with all your voice..
when..even for a second..a person knows that you exist..
the grass all around you..
the sun that kiss your skin..
a song that you wrote and that you really cry when you read it..
my parents smile when they say :good job babe..we’re proud of you..
a day on the beach with your friends..
your dog eyes..
the italian accent when an english or american person try to speak in italian..it’s so sweeeeeet..
when you feel free..thousand miles from home..you and your dreams..
a new dress..
when you say a “bad” word and your little cousin asks you why you said that word..
have a bath..
your friends pictures when you’re gone..
a spider in your bed..
your favorite bedclothes..
your mouth when you eat chocolate ice cream..and you’re not able to eat it (i’m not)..and you cannot understand why it finish on your white t-shirt..
your love that sleeps on your sofa..and you cannot take your eyes off of him..
the most supid pics that you could ever take..and that will be the best one..
my friends expression when i’m on the phone talking in my dialect..

you and your best friends lying on a deckchair on the beach..it’s night..and you’re looking at the stars..

a smile, an hand shaking and a cheer at the university..

a kiss from someone that..shouldn’t kiss you!..

when someone is dancing, and he’s bad, but so sweet!..

when you’re writing something..and he post (almost) the same thing 1 minute before you..

when the sun seems different just because you’re near NYC..

you speechless in front of him.


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