LaChapelle Exibition – Firenze Galleria Poggiali Forconi



In “Awakened” LaChapelle presents us anonymous and common people playing the role of biblical characters ­ Jonah, Jesse, Judith, Sarah -, immersed in water, in a levitating state. The beautiful illumination, their expressions, the wightlessness of the clothes, all that contributes to introduce the viewer into a welcoming mystical dimension. These works confirm a deep emotional involvement regarding trascendent themes, the presence of the divine in the daily life and the idea of the sublime.

from photo.box.sk

Heaven to Hell


(Pieta with Courtney Love)

This section takes its title from the artist’s latest book, published by Taschen, which concludes the trilogy that began with LaChapelle
Land, 1996, and Hotel – LaChapelle, 1999. It presents a series of three photos dealing with the theme of everyday death scenes in contrast to the most famous of all death scenes, the Pieta. LaChapelle portrays the death of an average man in the arms of an average woman in the position of this religious scene repeated countless times throughout in art history.

from lachapelle.it

“Recollections in America


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These photos from the seventies show groups of friends meeting up for family parties and other occasions. LaChapelle’s manipulation of the photos analyzes ironically the American middle class and its own values.

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The most recent works of David LaChapelle are exhibited in this section. Deluge, inspired by The Deluge painted by Michelangelo for the Sistine Chapel, is a criticism of the consumer race, the decline of such universal values as kindness and empathy, and the growing attachment to material goods. In Museum, the art system and the idea of art ownership is the object of LaChapelle’s criticism; in Cathedral he denounces the loss of spiritual value and finally in the Awakened series LaChapelle affirms that the road to universal rebirth passes through individual destiny.

from lachapelle.it

“Star System


(Hi Bitch and Bye Bitch with Paris Hilton) and her cameltoe.

For every famous person, their public image is their most important visiting card. LaChapelle knows this very well and aims at capturing this aspect in order to describe, exuberantly and wickedly, their narcissistic nature and their exhibitionist attitude. Normality is simply out, and every type of excess is in.

from lachapelle.it

inoltre c’erano i backstage della realizzazione di “Deluge” e “Pieta”. geniale. 🙂

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